Sektörel Haber Interview ( Industry News Interview )

ATEŞLER Tarım (Agriculture Company) operating in Tarsus has exported the first popcorn from Turkey.


Ali ATEŞ, President of the BoD of ATEŞLER Tarım states that they give weight to popping-corn production for the last 5 years, and that they meet the one third of the popping-corn need of Turkey. ATEŞLER added that they plant popcorn in many cities in Turkey and in Ukraine. He said "Before, Turkey used to import 35-40 thousand tons of popcorn. After our operations, we ceased the popping-corn import, and started the exports. We are the first company to export 3 thousand tons of popcorn from Turkey to Iraq. We are sending our first truck. We are also in contact with some countries other than Iraq."


Stating that they plant quality popcorn totally on a 32-thousand-decare area including 25-thousand decare in Turkey, ATEŞLER said "100% of the Turkish popcorn production is realized by the domestic producers.


We have analyses showing that they do not contain GMOs. We send it to all over Turkey. Our firm meets 30% of the total production in Turkey."


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