Popcorn was first discovered by the natives of America thousands of years ago. Then the popcorn popping voice was interpreted as "escape of the evil spirit from the kernel".


In the Great Depression Era (economic crisis started in the USA in 1929, and spread to all over the world in 1930s), a packet of popcorn was sold at 5-10 cents, so it became popular. While the other commercial businesses were falling down then, the corn sector became a good income source for the farmers who were suffering from the depression. In the period of the Second World War, decrease in the reserved sugar used in candy bonbons led to a 3-times-more consumption of the popcorn. Minimum 6 regions in the United States are regarded as the “popcorn capital of the world”: Valparaiso, Indiana; Van Buren, Indiana; Marion, Ohio; Ridgway, Illinois; Schaller, Iowa; and North Loup, Nebraska. According to USDA, most of the special and particular popcorn (kernel) production is made in Nebraska, Indiana and an extended area in Texas.