Foundation of ATEŞLER Group was laid in 1978 under the name of ATEŞLER Kuruyemiş (Nuts Company). ATEŞLER Petrol (Oil Company) went into operation in 1991, and opened its second branch in 2004. Ali ATEŞ, one of the company partners, founded the sibling firm ATEŞLER Bakliyat (Legumes Company), and commenced the legume and grain screening and packaging activities on a 3500-square-meter covered area in the early 2006. This plant, located in the centrum of Tarsus, has been feeling the enthusiasm of being the first in the legume and grain screening and packaging activities in Tarsus, and of bringing such plant to the county. Although ATEŞLER Bakliyat is a young company, it has reached the position to compete with the major legumes firms from production to sales under the ISO conditions. The fundamental philosophy of ATEŞLER Bakliyat is "Quality, first and always...". All the technological developments in production and equipment pool have been followed closely in order to realize a quality production, and maintain such production without compromising its sense of quality in anyway. ATEŞLER Bakliyat has not only been investing in the cutting-edge technology, but has also been carrying out the continuous replacement and modernization works to accommodate to changing domestic and foreign market conditions. Making use of its knowledge and experience, ATEŞLER Bakliyat has also been maintaining its organic farming practices as one the leading Turkish companies in this field.


Leading the organic agriculture in Mersin, ATEŞLER Bakliyat always gives particular importance to customer satisfaction by providing the customers with the best-quality services using its creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial opinions.


Following the national and international standards, and preventing any breakdowns that may be seen in the production quality; we try our best to completely fulfill the demands from our customers, and deliver on time the highest-quality products.